welcome to blue sea land 2020

Blue Sea Land – Expo of Mediterranean, African and the Middle Eastern Clusters- has had since its first edition the objective of developing diplomatic, scientific and economic cooperations among numerous countries starting from the Mediterranean and reaching the countries bordering the Indian Ocean.
The new pandemic situation has reduced the mobility of people and goods by modifying the communication, promotion and dissemination of information.
For all this Blue Sea Land renews itself and anticipates the new way of organizing an event.
The ninth edition will be completely digital with a new guise set up for all the activities that characterize the event.
Blue Sea Land presents itself to all our guests with a new look, revolutionizing the visiting experience and the opportunities to get acquainted those who have been dealing with and caring for issues surrounding the sea for some time.
As every year, the District of Fishing and Blue Growth, founder and organizer of the event, will unite distinguished academics, economists, diplomats and all the participants to bring ideas, proposals, projects and energies to a unique feeling in order to contribute synergistically to the development of common themes .
For the 2020 edition, the visitor will be able to take an interactive journey among countries, participate in numerous conferences and attend engaging events.
The operators in the sector will also be able to participate in economic and commercial cooperation meetings and consolidate or enter new markets.
The strength of Blue Sea Land is the network, the ability to share know-how-experiences and put issues on the table with their solutions. From 22 to 25 October we are waiting for you on the platform for an interesting and unique journey.


Blue Sea Land is one of the most important international events taking place in Sicily.
The District of Fisheries and Blue Growth, in close collaboration with the Sicilian Region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the MIPAAF, is the promoter and organizer of the 9th edition of Blue Sea Land – Expo of Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern Clusters.
The District puts safety at the center of the project: giving everyone – exhibitors, operators and the public – a positive experience of presentation, exchange of knowledge and cooperation.
In this framework of important renewal, BLUE SEA LAND will devote its usual attention to issues such as: fisheries, fisheries agreements, aquaculture, climate change, sustainable development and innovation.
Blue Sea Land, the first international exhibition event that for nine editions has been entirely dedicated to the sea and its resources, promotes and enhances fish products and the sea environment, and disseminates costantly evolving trends, innovations and practices in full respect of safeguarding marine ecosystem and sustainable development.
From the countries bordering the Indian Ocean to the lands of Latin America, passing through the Mediterranean, expert speakers from the scientific and diplomatic world will intervene to talk about Blue Economy for the resolution of common problems also due to post Covid.

Blue Sea Land is a virtual international event aimed at spreading the content of international agreements, good practices, technological and technical innovations. It is a showcase for companies, with opportunities, confronts, moments of exchange, to propose hypotheses in order to promote economic growth of sector under the dictates of sustainable development.
Exhibitions, conferences, B2B, demonstrations and showcases, workshops and show cooking, cultural events are available to our guests who can register on the platform and enter BLUESEALAND 2020.