About us

Blue Sea Land – Expo of the Mediterranean, African and the Middle Eastern Clusters – since its first edition has had the objective of developing diplomatic, scientific and economic cooperation between different countries starting from the Mediterranean and reaching the countries bordered by the Indian Ocean. The new pandemic situation has reduced the mobility of people by modifying communication, promotion and dissemination of information. For these reasons, Blue Sea Land renews itself and anticipates a new way of organizing the event. This ninth edition will be completely digital, with a new look prepared for all the activities that characterize the event. Blue Sea Land will present itself to the world by revolutionizing the visiting experience and the opportunities for disseminating the themes that concern the future of the sea. An event, organized by the Blue Fishing and Growth District, which will propose the digital interaction of distinguished academics, economists and diplomats, to contribute with ideas, proposals, projects and energies to a unique feeling for the regeneration of environmental resources. For the 2020 edition, therefore, the visitor will have the opportunity to take an interactive journey through the countries that have joined the initiative, participate in numerous conferences and attend engaging events. Furthermore, sector operators will be able to participate in economic and commercial cooperation meetings and consolidate or penetrate new markets. The strength of Blue Sea Land becomes the network, that is, the possibility of sharing know-how and experiences and putting problems on the table alongside possible solutions. From 27 to 31 October 2021 we are waiting for you on the platform for an interesting and extraordinary journey.

Thanks to the economic-institutional cooperation activity carried out over the years by the Fishing District, with the support of the Sicilian Region, the Mediterranean Fisheries Observatory, it was possible to strengthen the initiative for the promotion and development of the district model among the economic operators of these areas, for the creation of a widespread well-being among the populations.
In light of the changed economic-political scenarios that have characterized the coastal countries, Sicily finds itself playing a leading role in the space of international cooperation in the Mediterranean basin. The Blue Economy is the economy of individual and collective responsibility, which starts from the sea, from Sicily, but which does not end in the sea and with the sea.
In fact, this development model does not only concern fishing, but extends to all production chains, from agro-industry, to manufacturing, to tourism. The Blue Economy stems from the classic concept of sustainable development, but goes further, developing towards four specific guidelines of sustainability: economic, social, environmental and cultural. Blue Sea Land is much more than an Expo: it is a laboratory that discloses all the fields of application of the Blue Economy, through scientific meetings, cultural events and shows, taste workshops and technological innovation.